Project Management

ProMISE provides project management team complete overview with Customized Interactive Dashboard.

  • Provides real time status of the materials.
  • Integrates data across engineering, procurement and construction into one repository.
  • Offers custom built flexibility to “Drill Down and Slice” data “On The Go”.
  • Extends shared platform with end user to resolve billing milestones.

Vendor Management

ProMISE assist vendor to generate accurate supply documentation as per project specification.
  • Documents are generated automatically referencing drawings and packing lists to eliminate under / oversupplies.
  • Supports bilingual output for shipping documentation.
  • Vendor can track status of each purchase order line item in real time.
  • Every generated document is directly uploaded in the central repository of the ProMISE system.
  • Easy to store, trace and retrieve any documentation produced.
Ready to Share feature avoids version control issues.

Logistics Management

Efficient, on-time planning for logistics is critical to better cost control for any project.

  • ProMISE system provides logistics team ability to track packages ready to be shipped and under progress to enable accurate plan and forecast.
  • Real time tracking of already shipped packages.
  • Status of all approved and signed documents accessible in ProMISE inbuilt document management system.


Site Management

ProMISE actively supports site team to plan construction, track incoming materials and related documentation.
  • ProMISE assists site team to plan for materials availability in real time so that downtime is eliminated.
  • Documentation like Packing list, quality certificates, signed copies, etc. seamlessly accessed and retrieved from ProMISE system.
  • ProMISE facilitates reconciliation of material deliveries with end user for faster payment realization.

Prism –Remote Inspection

Prism ports you to virtual meeting room to join suppliers, partners, consultants and experts anywhere in the world. It can connect to 6 individuals in interactive mode.

Prism is a complete collaboration tool replicating field meetings that allows stakeholders to connect remotely with any participant and share documents, videos, photos during discussions in real-time. This tool has complete flexibility to on-call translation support between 67+ languages.

Prism has complete setup to replicate your physical on-site meetings for expediting, PIM, technical discussion, problem solving, vendor inspection and collaboration.

Benefits of using Prism in your business:

  • Connect instantly to the right persons to collaborate.
  • Scale your reach to borderless real-time meetings even at remote and restrictive locations
  • Eliminate travel time and expenses with ’View what I need to See’ remote functionality
  • Get virtually ported to the target location to share notes, documents, drawings, view samples.
  • Improve communication with AR annotations on live video stream.
  • Invite and connect additional participants for expert “dip-in” just as in real office meetings.
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