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About Us

Designed for companies working with global teams, ProMISE is a custom-built Project Management Tool developed to track and monitor projects from anywhere thru a real-time dashboard.

ProMISE, An EPC Procurement Management System, tackles the data and documentation nightmares with standard documentation and real-time status update dashboard. This System works on connecting global teams with real-time information so that architects, engineers, vendors and developers can work seamlessly – from the offer, through technical and commercial quotation, erection and commissioning phases. ProMISE can be fully customized as per the requirement and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. A dedicated team of experts with a high level of technical assistance guarantees uninterrupted assistance.

ProMISE is developed by Mechsoft Technologies LLC which is a part of Prime 4 Group- a 20 million turn over company, primarily serving EPC companies in Oil and Gas sector, with an extensive presence in UAE, Italy and Korea.

ProMISE - Procurement Management System


Traceability is a very important subject within EPC companies.

  • Project/Procurement/Post-order teams want to have an instant overview on the status of every part of a project, at any time.
  • The material management solution ProMISE gives all the control needed for fluid information, in and outside the organization.
  • ProMISE will help to gain full control over the material flow from the moment of material manufacturing, releasing of materials for shipping to the final assembly and erection of material on the construction site.
  • Traceability of all the historical data including all documents, like packing lists, quality documents, shipping documents, etc. from the supplier must be available.
  • Eventually ProMISE management system gives the full life cycle of the material.

ProMISE Features

Each department of the EPC Organization has their own challenges for tracking the material from manufacturing till material reaches end site. Through careful analysis of challenges faced across several project, ProMISE was developed-

  • As a single platform with multiple access.
  • To Integrate available data and generate project documentation.
  • To track and trace every item from fabrication to site availability.
  • Single “Source of Truth” for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management.
  • To resolve gaps in billing for improved cashflow.

ProMISE assist vendor to generate accurate supply documentation as per project specification.

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Efficient, on-time planning for logistics is critical to better cost control for any project.

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ProMISE provides project management team complete overview with Customized Interactive Dashboard.

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ProMISE actively supports site team to plan construction, track incoming materials and related documentation.

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A complete collaboration tool replicating field meeting that connects remotely and lets users share documents, videos, photos real-time.
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Reach out to our experts for more product features and customization.Need a DEMO? Drop us a line and will will take care of your requirements.

102, Al Khaleej Building, Zabeel Road, Al Karama,Dubai, UAE.

Tel +971 4 3367 725    

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